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The Property Redress Scheme Mediation Service is helping landlords and tenants resolve tenancy disputes. In 95% of cases we have helped all parties to come to a resolution that works for them. 

Case study: Thinking outside the box





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The tenant wanted to remain in the property although they owed rent arrears

The tenant had lost their job due to the pandemic


It was a long standing tenancy with no previous rent arrears

Our mediators help both sides to come up with solution that works for everyone. In this case, both sides wanted to resolve rent arrears but the repayment plan proposed by the landlord was not manageable for the tenant.

The landlord wanted the rent arrears paid in monthly instalments, which the tenant could not afford

The tenant was concerned their tenancy was due to end before the repayment plan proposed by the landlord


Work with tenants

Our mediators explored more affordable solutions for the tenant to repay the rent arrears

Propose resolution

The tenant was able to secure a loan to pay off the arrears at a more affordable rate. We proposed to the landlord the tenant pay the arrears back in full and another fixed term tenancy was agreed.



The landlord agreed to our proposal meaning they received 100% of the rent arrears. What's more, the landlord kept their property occupied with a paying tenant and the tenant kept their long standing home.

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Far from a one off

How far can I push it?

A word in their ear

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A tenant in a high value property had stopped paying their rent and had taken the attitude of "what is the landlord going to do?" Our mediators explained this approach would just lead to a large debt that would still need to be paid. The tenant realised the error in their judgement and repaid the landlord in full within six months. 

In this case a disruptive tenant in a house of multiple occupation was refusing to speak to their landlord or other occupants. After speaking to our mediator the tenant realised sharing a property was not for them. We also helped the landlord change their onboarding to prevent any similar situations in future.

In this case, both the landlord and tenant were right, their agent was complicating matters. By bringing both sides together we were able to end a stalemate resulting in repairs not being made and rent not being paid. The repairs were arranged before the next rent due date and the arrears were paid in full. 

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