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PRS Mediation

PRS Mediation is brought to you by the Property Redress Scheme, a government authorised consumer redress scheme for the private rented sector.   

What is mediation?

The PRS Mediation Service is an interactive way of sorting disputes between landlords and tenants, with the help of a professional third person (that’s us) who won't take sides. We bring both common sense and expertise to find solutions that work for both landlords and tenants. Disputes can relate to rent arrears or other issues that have arisen during a tenancy.

With COVID-19 affecting notice periods and court processing times, it is more important than ever for landlords and tenants to look at different ways of solving their disputes. 

Why should I use mediation?

  • It’s quick – we can solve disputes within, on average, 5-10 working days.  
  • It’s easy – the landlord completes an instruction form, and we take care of the rest.
  • • It’s cost-effective – parts of the process are free, and currently costs that do apply are limited to:

- £25 inc VAT where the tenant does not want to take part in mediation - we write you a report that can be used at Court

-  £200 inc VAT where the tenant does want to take part in mediation

  • It shows you’ve been reasonable by trying to sort things out before going to court.
  • Where mediation is successful and agreement is reached you will not need to go to court at all - saving many months’ time, cost, and inconvenience.

How does it work?

Our process involves two steps – and the first part of the process is free.

1. Asking us to help

Complete our mediation instruction form. We will check with you what you would like to achieve by way of an agreement and will contact the tenant to see if they want to take part. If they choose not to, or if we can’t get hold of them after 5 working days, we will update you and close the case. This part of the process is currently free of charge.

Where a tenant chooses not to take part, we will produce a report for you at a cost £25 inc VAT showing the steps we have taken. You can use this report at Court to show that you tried to mediate.

2. Reaching an agreement

If the tenant does want to take part, we will ask you to make a payment of £200 inc VAT.

We find out more about the tenant’s circumstances and what they can offer you. We then work with both parties to put together a proposal that works for both of you. For a typical rent arrears case, this usually means a rent repayment plan which avoids the need to go to Court.

This can require a couple of calls and emails. We expect a typical mediation to be resolved in 1-2 hours of discussion, over roughly 10 working days – but often sooner if the circumstances allow. We will record the agreement reached in a legally binding document signed by both parties.

Where no agreement can be reached, we will produce a report for you at no extra cost showing the steps we have taken. You can use this report at Court to show your efforts to resolve the dispute.

How to instruct us

Please download and complete this form. When you’ve completed it, email to us at

Instruct us now

Complete the form or call 0345 362 3127 to find out more or start your mediation. We can to discuss your case with you to help you decide what is best for you.

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