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Why use mediation

With evictions banned and rent arrears building up, can you afford to wait at least six months to get your property back? That is the stark reality for agents and landlords who choose to go through the courts to regain possession of their property. By using mediation, you can come to an amicable, legally binding, resolution with your tenants to settle rent arrears and possessions, much quicker.

Furthermore, The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has recently announced that the Pre-Action Protocol is likely to be extended to private landlords. The Protocol requires a landlord to make reasonable attempts to resolve issues with their tenant before a case can be heard in court. So even if you plan to use the courts, mediation may be needed before your case is heard.

Get ready for when the courts reopen

Don't forget a reactivation notice will be required in order to restart possession claims issued before 3 August 2020.


Can you wait six months to get possession?

All Section 21 notices and most Section 8 notices served from 29 August 2020 will now give tenants a six month notice period to leave a property. If you want possession of your property before then, mediation is the best way to achieve this unless you qualify for one of the exceptions below.

Section 8

More than or equal to six months rent arrears

Less than six months rent in arrears

Right to rent or death of a tenant

Domestic violence, anti-social behaviour or tenancy fraud

One month or less

Three months

Six months or more

How it works

Once all parties have come to an agreement we can finalise the mediation in one of two ways:

1. Informal agreement: we draft a report that can be used in court. This costs £100 inc VAT

2. Formal agreement: we produce a legally binding document signed by both parties. This costs £300 inc VAT





If the tenant is happy to use mediation, we communicate with all parties to come to an amicable resolution. This typically requires a couple of emails and calls and takes roughly 10 working days.

If we can not reach an agreement we will produce a report showing the steps you've taken, which can be used in court. This costs £200 inc VAT



We will contact the tenant to see if they are happy to use mediation. If they chose not to, or do not respond, we close the case.

We will provide you with a report showing the steps we've taken. You can use this report in court to show you tried to mediate. This costs £100 including VAT

Why use our mediation service

The very purpose of the Property Redress Scheme is to resolve issues between agents, landlords and tenants. We deal with thousands of complaints each year on behalf of our members and on average we resolve complaints in just 42 days.

Mediation is just one of the methods we use to resolve issues and has helped in hundreds of cases already this year.

We've got you covered

We've partnered with eviction and housing law specialists, Landlord Action, to provide a joint offering. For just £220 inc. VAT (usually £244 inc. VAT) you can start the process of court action while simultaneously using mediation to hopefully resolve your dispute quicker.

Whether you want to start court proceedings or to come to a settlement outside of court, we've got your covered.

We contact the tenant to see if they are happy to use mediation. If they choose not to or do not respond, the case is closed but you are provided with a report that you can use in court to show you tried to mediate.

Mediation instruction

Landlord Action review your file. They draft and serve notice to your tenant asking them to leave by a specified date. Around half of all tenants who receive a notice will leave before then.

Serve notice

Usually costs £144 (inc. VAT)

Usually costs £100 (inc. VAT)

Get started today

Complete the form or call 0333 920 6987 to find out more or start your mediation. We can to discuss your case with you to help you decide what is best for you.

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